“Silicandy” Case Study

Silicandy™ Photo Shoot, Circa 2016

NOTE: This case study was further developed, re-written and published on my personal website, https://rebeccabar.design/case-study/silicandy.html

One of the hero images for Silicandy’s web site, Circa 2016
  1. Silicandy was laser-focused on the kids learning through baking experience. Products were all tested on kids ages 3–12, including children with sensory processing disorders and children with Autism.
  2. Silicandy developed unique products (that didn’t exist at the time) such as jumbo gummy bear molds, gummy worm molds, and one-piece cookie cutters.
  3. Silicandy is the only kitchenware brand to have obtained CPSIA compliance, aligning itself as higher quality and safer than it’s competitors.
“Jumbo Gummy Bear Molds”, Silicandy™ Photo Shoot, Circa 2017
Silicandy User Research Stats, Circa 2014
Silicandy Cookie Stamp Sets, ST100-Series
Preference Testing was fun and delicious!
Final Product Measurements for Cookie Stamps
Packaging for Silicandy Cookie Stamps
Silicandy Baking Mat Sets, BK100 Series
One-Piece Cookie Cutters, CK100 Series
Images we used from MC Escher's work for inspiration
Sketching and Prototyping
Designs that didn’t make the final cut
The making of the molds

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