Top 10 Things I learned in my 15+ years working in Retail & CX

And BONUS — Just be a nice person.

We’re all human, and get hit with curveballs like hard times, mood swings, pandemics(!) and other discouragements sometimes. There were so many times I struggled because I had to be there for a customer/client when I had plenty of personal things going on and also needed time for myself. I’ve learned that caring about your customers is a 24/7/365 adventure, in good times and in bad.

In addition to learning different courses and tools to grow professionally, make sure to invest time in doing things that will improve your happiness and wellbeing. The dividends for you in business (and of course otherwise!) are immeasurable.

Signing off for now,




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Rebecca Bar

Rebecca Bar

Business-Minded UX and Product Design Partner | Products & People. Wait. 🙅‍♀️ that, 🔄 it. Thank You.